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Many companies believe print is a necessary cost that must be absorbed and do not believe that the cost of print can be improved. When you consider all the costs that printing includes such as hardware, ink toner, paper, etc., you’ll realize that these types of expenses should be managed and controlled.

Our print management solutions can generate reports and make recommendations to help lower the cost of your printing by as much as 30%. Our technicians are highly qualified to provide you with equipment repairs for your printer, copiers, fax machines and more.

With MPS you can create more accountability because you will be able to see which department is printing the most and even be able to see who is using the most colored ink and the most paper. Once you see the numbers, you can set limits and also discuss ways of becoming more efficient with your company’s use of paper and ink.

Martek’s print management services will help you lower costs, ease frustrations, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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