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Martek is one of the nation’s largest distributors with over 20 years experience and over 80 support centers. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service and competitive prices. From print management solutions to office equipment. From document automation to cloud services. Martek will provide you with all of the office essentials to ensure your business’ day to day tasks are never interrupted. We pride ourselves in giving knowledge to our customers to help them make the best decision for their businesses. All of our products come with a 100% warranty because customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Our services provide custom solutions to your particular needs. Martek understands that each and every business’ needs are different. That’s why we do a complete evaluation of each client to ensure they are receiving the exact type of services each individual business requires.

Martek is dedicated to reducing our carbon impact. That’s why we make re-manufacturing and reclaiming as much reusable material as possible a top priority. Our aim is to maximize the recapture of raw materials in collections and to promote waste reduction throughout our operations. We strive to seek newer and better alternatives everyday.